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  • Antminer S9 can profit miners $0.79 Every 24 Hours
  • 0.12 kW/ Hour/Day ratio for Whatsminer M30S++
  • Antminer offer 75 -95% profitability on purchase prices in 6 months
  • Antminer S19 XP delivers 27 % Greater Performance over S19
  • Antminer E9 3Gh can mine up to $120/Day in 2022-2021
  • Bitmain Antminer S9 generates $1.37 USD/Day in miner values
  • ASIC miners can mine at 1000M Hashes/Second
  • 20% Saturation is the max humidity for mining farms(source), mining containers / data centers

Bitmain Antminer Stats

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The S9 Antminer Is The Top Choice

In comparing hash rates to power consumption, the S9 antminer is well worth its price. Operating on 1323W of power, the S9 brings in at a competitive 13.5Th/s. That ratio computes to .o98 watts per Gigahertz. Pairing with a relatively cheap power source of 0.50 cents per watt, this miner can turn profits of 0.79 cents every 24 hours
, adding up to 396 dollars every six months. Cheaper units may bring decent profit with less power, but the S9 hash rate makes it arguably worth the purchase price.

Bitcoins HashRate Increases
In an upturn following the cryptocurrency’s rapid decline in hash rate some months ago, Bitcoin has recently been assessed as having an increase with current pricing averaged over three weeks making for serious returns for miners. A standard running Whatsminer M30S++ current ratio can see a 0.12 kilowatt per hour per day, totaling 37.47 dollars in profit after power costs. Following profits could increase as Bitcoins valuation in the projected month’s increases in total value anywhere around 2.20 percent from its current 20 trillion gross value. Be aware that when speculating, know that the validity of Bitcoins pricing fluctuates rapidly for long periods.

Bitmain Antminer D7 Almost Sold out
In succeeding its previous top seller the S9, Bitmain released its new D7 miner to the market in recent days. With 1.286 Th/s, the D7 holds viable returns of 75 to 95 percent of its cost of running, even with the 3140 W required to run the miner. Even with the cost, the return on investment holds high at just under 20 percent of the cost invested in purchasing the hardware and running it from a relatively cheap power source. During its initial launch, the market saw supply sell-off quickly, and now an anemic supply has made pricing skyrocket. Once marked as 7,000 USD, vendors have marked their remaining stock nearly twice this value. Though a bigger expense, the D7 has a return value that will pay for itself in a relatively short amount of time.

S19 XP Unveiled
Bitmain is already ahead of itself releasing its most powerful miner yet in Dubai. Showcasing at the Data Mining Summit, the Antminer S19 XP uses smaller 5-nanometer chips to deliver over 27 percent greater performance than the companies flagship S19 miner. Remarkably efficient, the XP runs 140 TH/s, compared to the previous S19 110 TH/s rating, with a total efficiency of 3010 watts at 21 W/TH.

Antminer S19 Stats

AntMiner S19 machines

The markup for these AntMiner S19 machines runs high at 10,500 dollars per unit, but the return rate at the current Bitcoin value would have miners seeing up to 53 dollars a day in profit after management fees. It’s easy to see why Bitmain is the top name for crypto and bitcoin miners.

Bitmain E9 Outperforms
A recent survey of ASIC mining machines noted top performers who deliver high hash rates. Marking the price trends and profitability margin top-earning machines listed the E9 3Gh antminer, whose profitability at today’s crypto values totals up to 120 dollars a day. At a reasonable 3425-watt requirement, that proves more efficient than the runner-up L7 (9.5GH), which came in at only 117 dollars a day. The E9 is Bitmain’s most profitable miner to date, which is why it also holds a 30,000 dollar price tag for its viable 5,700/month profit generation. While high for novices’ first-time shopping, a more experienced buyer will find a safe return on their investment.

NiceHash S9 Profitability
Valuation site NiceHash tracked the performance of the Bitmain S9 miner and its projected profitability. The site takes the power cost compared to the current trending value of bitcoin mined to give a dollar value generated in a timescale from 24 hours to months. Not surprisingly, if the energy price reaches as low as 10 cents per kilowatt, the return profit can average 1.37 USD a day in collected bitcoin. NiceHash thoroughly tests mining equipment to get its statistical information and constantly updates its site’s interface tools for more accurate and dependable information.

Ethernet versus USB
Info site Bitcoin Wiki published the findings of ASIC machines and their hash rates specifying the power consumed and dollars generated. Of note was the difference in these systems interfacing. The USB integrated U3 showed 1000 million hashes per second, while the Ethernet using S9 showed ten times that number. In comparing power usage to these ratings, Ethernet tracks higher with 1.74 hash mined per joule used over the 1.68 percent from USB. Miners will want to consider the cost of the machines versus the desired profit as the small gain in efficiency may not be worth the expense. The last price check had the S9 at 2300 USD. The U3 only runs up 38 USD per miner.

Humidity Affecting Antminer
In educating new miners about their antminer, notes factors to be mindful of when setting up a system to run 24/7 from home. For maintenance, the surrounding humidity in the room housing delicate hardware in the miner should not reach higher than 20 percent saturation. This percentage marks a limit of exposure to keep chips and functioning electronics from developing oxidation and losing performance, decreasing hash rate and costing potential profit. For the high price and maintenance of an Antminer, keeping environmental interference to a minimum can keep profit high and cover costs in a shorter timeframe.

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